Tuesday, September 13, 2016

the GazettE in Finland 2016

Like so often friends and I met at the train station and went to eat right away. We ate some Vietnam food. Can't remember the name of the food but it was delicious anyway. After eating we finished birthday cards for Uruha and Reita before heading out to search some gifts for the band.

I don't remember much of live itself but I had lots of fun and went crazy. There weren't really any MCs during the live or any fan service they show in Japan shows. There was one where Ruki went next to Uruha and Uruha leaned in to be more closer to Ruki. In the end all that matter was that it was fun evening and band seemed to have fun as well.

In Suicide Circus and Filth in the beauty audience sang most part of the songs which was really fun to hear. At times even Ruki's voice couldn't be heard because of so many people singning but only for short time. In the Headache man it was amazing to see people actually jumping and jumping and turning around and doing furis. It was almost whole row just before bar side of the area. Many seemed to headbang which is proper thing to do when it comes to the GazettE (chuckles) There was one girl between me and friend who seemed to copy furis from us. It's totally okay. Rare people know furis or even have chance to go to the GazettE's live(s) in Japan.
It took us long time to get them back to the stage but they came. It was great to hear people actually shouting for 'encore' instead of 'we want more'. I know they mean the same but when it comes to the Japanese bands, I really like more of word 'encore' Even me and friend started at least couple encore shouts. In beginning of encore when band came back to the stage Uruha saw those two banners wishing him happy birthday what were held high by people who were closer to stage. Uruha's smile grew huge and it was open mouth smile and he showed thumb up. There should be our names in one of these banners. I'm not sure where but they are there.

Aoi: Helsinkiの皆様、今日は本当にありがとう!またこの国に、この会場に帰ってこれて嬉しいです。そしてまた、いつものこの場所で楽しい夜を過ごしましょう!

Reita: Thanks Helsinki! Lovely to meet you!! It was great. You?? See you next time. Good night.

Ruki Thanx #helsinki @the Circus. It was very exciting show🤘 But...I couldn't take a photo😭 My bad⤵️ I regret that I couldn't take photos of all shows.

Ruki:トラブルも沢山ありましたが、楽しめたよヘルシンキ。ありがとう。 次はワールドツアーラストの地、モスクワ。 悔い残さずいきます。

Kai: ヘルシンキお疲れ様でした。

Some sort of set list. Person said that some songs might be wrognly placed.
Gabriel on the gallows
Dripping Insanity
The Suicide Circus
Filth in the beauty

Headache Man
Tomorrow Never Dies

It was really great to meet the band and exchange few words with them and wish happy birthday to Uruha in person. All of them welcomed us warmly and will definitely will be going again to meet them face to face if there is ever a chance.
All this still feels really unreal to me but I'm happy this happened. It is my 10th year of being a fan and it was 28th time to see them live. There will be more the GazettE lives to go to, that's something I can promise.

Kuva, jonka Aoi The GazettE (@gazette__aoi) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Aoi The GazettE (@gazette__aoi) julkaisi

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