Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter time part 1

I arrived to Nagoya on 18th of December and had to wait in the airport around hour or so for a friend to arrive from Korea. While waiting police or security person from the airport came to ask questions why I was there and if I could speak Japanese and where I was heading, he even asked where I worked. I understand why but I kind of felt funny to get spotted by security person for no real reason.

After friend had arrived we headed towards to bus stop where we entered to bus which was headed to Osaka where we would stay a week. It would be longest time I would stay in Osaka. Mostly I would stay for a day or two. Once almost a week or so.

19th and 20th of December went by with the GazettE's lives in Orix Theater.  I remember weather being nice enough but there were cold wind. As for the lives I had lots of fun in them. Ruki saying he looked like samurai which was true. He even acted so that he had imaginary samurai sword. He did the 'bang' shooting thing towards audience and also each of the band members. 19th day Kai made a mistake during a beginning of the song which led it to be stopped before starting again. 20th day it was Aoi's turn to made a mistake which also led to stopping there and starting all over again. (laughs)
Even the seats weren't that great in Osaka, I don't care. Both lives were definitely fun and I will have great memories from them.

Also went to see exhibition of the GazettE's members guitars and bass. It was cool to see the instruments up close. To a friend, I'm sorry for dragging you there XD

There was third and fourth the GazettE live during the trip. Both of those were bit outside of Osaka in Wakayama and Kobe.
Wakayama was quite small place When Kobe was huge and had few different floors.During Wakayama live Ruki came to stare at me quite often and even smiled at me.
In Kobe they did second encore and Ruki had santa jacket on him. It was cute! He offered it to Uruha who instantly declined. It would have been too much fun to see Uruha wearing it (laughs) Even staff had santa hats or reindeer ears. I'm glad I got friend to come one of these lives because it is quite different from how they do it in overseas.

After friend had came back from her trip to see Lynch.(..It was in Okinawa...right?) we went to spent the event somewhere and ended up going to to ferris wheel Hep-five. Funny thing about this is that it is placed top of a building.

We spent kind of typical Japanese Christmas. We got a cake slices for both of us and since we needing something to warm us a bit up tea from Starbucks..

Talking about Starbucks, it reminded me of one time we sat outside of Starbuck in Osaka drinking some cold drink. At least I did (laughs) There sat also two Japanese males close to us. They started talking that how can we drink something cold and doesn't we freeze because of it. We just had so much fun acting as we don't understand and try to listen what they were talking about if it was about us and chat about our own stuff in between.

I don't remember what day I went to shopping but I forgot my necklaces at home I was angry at myself for forgetting them. I bought couple necklace and now I love the other one. It's typical ring in a chain but with a twist.

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

the GazettE in Finland 2016

Like so often friends and I met at the train station and went to eat right away. We ate some Vietnam food. Can't remember the name of the food but it was delicious anyway. After eating we finished birthday cards for Uruha and Reita before heading out to search some gifts for the band.

I don't remember much of live itself but I had lots of fun and went crazy. There weren't really any MCs during the live or any fan service they show in Japan shows. There was one where Ruki went next to Uruha and Uruha leaned in to be more closer to Ruki. In the end all that matter was that it was fun evening and band seemed to have fun as well.

In Suicide Circus and Filth in the beauty audience sang most part of the songs which was really fun to hear. At times even Ruki's voice couldn't be heard because of so many people singning but only for short time. In the Headache man it was amazing to see people actually jumping and jumping and turning around and doing furis. It was almost whole row just before bar side of the area. Many seemed to headbang which is proper thing to do when it comes to the GazettE (chuckles) There was one girl between me and friend who seemed to copy furis from us. It's totally okay. Rare people know furis or even have chance to go to the GazettE's live(s) in Japan.
It took us long time to get them back to the stage but they came. It was great to hear people actually shouting for 'encore' instead of 'we want more'. I know they mean the same but when it comes to the Japanese bands, I really like more of word 'encore' Even me and friend started at least couple encore shouts. In beginning of encore when band came back to the stage Uruha saw those two banners wishing him happy birthday what were held high by people who were closer to stage. Uruha's smile grew huge and it was open mouth smile and he showed thumb up. There should be our names in one of these banners. I'm not sure where but they are there.

Aoi: Helsinkiの皆様、今日は本当にありがとう!またこの国に、この会場に帰ってこれて嬉しいです。そしてまた、いつものこの場所で楽しい夜を過ごしましょう!

Reita: Thanks Helsinki! Lovely to meet you!! It was great. You?? See you next time. Good night.

Ruki Thanx #helsinki @the Circus. It was very exciting show🤘 But...I couldn't take a photo😭 My bad⤵️ I regret that I couldn't take photos of all shows.

Ruki:トラブルも沢山ありましたが、楽しめたよヘルシンキ。ありがとう。 次はワールドツアーラストの地、モスクワ。 悔い残さずいきます。

Kai: ヘルシンキお疲れ様でした。

Some sort of set list. Person said that some songs might be wrognly placed.
Gabriel on the gallows
Dripping Insanity
The Suicide Circus
Filth in the beauty

Headache Man
Tomorrow Never Dies

It was really great to meet the band and exchange few words with them and wish happy birthday to Uruha in person. All of them welcomed us warmly and will definitely will be going again to meet them face to face if there is ever a chance.
All this still feels really unreal to me but I'm happy this happened. It is my 10th year of being a fan and it was 28th time to see them live. There will be more the GazettE lives to go to, that's something I can promise.

Kuva, jonka Aoi The GazettE (@gazette__aoi) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Aoi The GazettE (@gazette__aoi) julkaisi

Last summer in Munich

Year 2015 

I have never been in Germany before but friend and I decided to go there of all places. I'm sure if I had went with another friend there, we would have been so lost at what we needed to do (laughs) It was huge help the friend who I went with was already familiar with the country but not sure if she had been Munich before.

As our flight was early in the morning at 8am in 21st of July 2015, I stayed at friend's place.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm not morning person, with that said it was pain to wake up at 5am for the flight.

As we arrived to Munich it was nice to actually have summer like weather instead of less than 20C and rain and windy days. It was +30C and slightly cloudy.  Dragging our luggages around wasn't helping and as we finally arrived to hotel, we were more than glad to be able take a breath and cool down.  After about a hour or so, we left to city again. Roaming around and shopping and getting something to eat. Restaurant where we ended up was Chinese.  Food was fine but the sauce was way too sweet, couldn't eat it.  I've never spent that much money on a first day in vacation as I did in Munich.

Second day we walked nearby mall, it was around 30mins walk away or so.  It was nice to just roam around Munich and see it more but it wasn't such a good idea to walk because it was still hot day and sun was shining from clear sky.  We ate breakfast there and then took metro to English garden.  At the English garden we also roamed around but decided to go lastly to Chinese tower.  It was great! 
Almost all tables which were located in shadows were taken but we found a table for us as well. Also, lots of people were drinking beer, even when they had kids with them.

Third day the main thing was go to restaurants and window shop and get souvenirs  we promised to bring with us. I had never been before in Hard rock cafe. It was nice experience and food was good, even when it's bit high priced.  I tried alcohol drink called Electric Blues, it was nice but will try something else next time. After that we took our time to roam and we ended up to Starbucks where tried Vanilla Lemon. We stayed there chatting around hour or two or maybe even three.

Fourth and fifth day went by just doing some shopping we wanted to bring to ourselves and searching certain thing for friend parents. I actually almost got to renew my wardrobe. On the last day we almost got lost in the city since we weren't paying attention where we were going as we talked with each other. It was luckily easy enough to get back where we left and knew our way around.

It had been rainy summer in Finland and it was great to get away from it for a short time and relax under the sun. I actually burned my hairline again.  I guess I seriously should start wearing hats in summer...
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Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Let's make our love reach Fixer

Hi everyone!!

I'm gathering names and countries for visual kei band named Fixer to let them know of foreign fans they have overseas.

You will have time to take a part till 28th of July midnight in Japan time.

All I need is name or a nickname you want to use and country you live in.

I will be giving the card in 29th of July show.

You can take a part in here or comment to my twitter

Fixer [孤慟 -into the vortex-] MV 

Monday, July 20, 2015


I will soon be going to catch my train towards Helsinki. Not that I'm going to get off at Helsinki...Non the less, I will be staying at friend's house for the night and early in the morning will go to the airport.
As usually, I won't most likely be updating while I'm there but we never know if after all I will.

For this trip I had to buy new travelling bag, since in last trip tires blew out of my travelling bag....It was well used and lasted about 8 trips both ways and lots of weight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Friday 13

Amaranthe at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinajoki, Finland

Friday 13, 2015

Before leaving towards Rytmikorjaamo, I took my sweet time preparing and getting ready. As I arrived to concert place it was already past 20:30. Doors were opened at 20:00. At first, I didn't go the place where I ended up being in the Amaranthe's live right away, just roamed around and checked merch table. It was still good 20 minutes before first band.

At the time lights went out people turned their eyes towards the main stage. Cypher 16 were starting. I did wanted to see Cypher 16 as well because what I had seen from youtube, they had sounded pretty ok band.  As their live went longer people started slowly moving towards the stage. Something I really like about Rytmikorjaamo, there aren't many lives where crowd just goes right away to front row, you can just chill around the place and go toilet in peace knowing you will get nice place in the end if you want. At the Cypher 16 live, I was around 4th to 10th row places, if you imagine  the rows which werent even there...only 2 first rows, tell the truth. Other people were scattered around the place.
Cypher 16 vocalist tried us to shout but it turned out to be pretty bad. It just gave me good laughs.  They tried again with bit better success but it was still bad....then vocalist said, that he will try again later which he certainly did. At the time it was ok enough but you could see from the vocalist face that he wasn't pleased. In the end vocalist still took photo of  the crowd. It's in his instagram.

After Cypher 16 ended crowd started to get closer to main stage more, which it had done throught the Cypher 16 live. Next was Liquid Society but they were playing backroom stage....umm, well, it was right and back if you look at it from the stage. Didn't really heard anything from them, at times some noise but didn't paid any attention.

Both lives were short and Amaranthe started at 22:30. Their intro was funny if you started to listen what it said. It was something about some big bang machine which had some proper other name...and some people were to send from the future to sabotage the machine....and so on. Pretty sure it will be found from youtube.

I haven't found proper setlist yet but I know and remember few of the songs they played. And weird stuff they did. ... well, mainly only  their black haired male, the bassist. He was so hammered. (drunk for those who doesn't know what hammered means.) At some point when one of their vocalists was talking, guy with short hair...well, bald...He was talking something about how we weren't drunk enough and then their bassist comes to him and acts like he wants to say something. I have no idea what he babled and whole crowd kept silent as well.  I guess no one really understood him. Even the vocalist looked like 'wait what?!' as he didn't understood either. Bassist walked away and vocalsti turned back to the crowd stating "Even he is more drunk than you are!"

When encore was starting, hammered bassist walked to the stage and made his stomach big. At the middle of the stage he placed finnish beer bottle front of his stomach and noise 'bob' type.  Turning towards crowd. "Listen to this." Kneeling down and placing beer bottle on the ground and helding mic next to it...yes, he seriously made us listen the sound of Karhu (bear) beer bottle being opened. Fancy.... Then he mumbled again something while people were giving him questionable gazes...Suddenly he started talking more clearly and made us shout for more when he moved his finger and then how long we could shout. 

We got to sing Amaranthine and it felt and sounded amazing. Even the band seemed really pleased of our singing. Added my video of that. 

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From Amaranthe's FB/Twitter:

Thank you Seinäjoki for our sold out show! 10/10!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Never been before

In July I will be going with a friend I met in Japan for the first time to Munich, Germany. I have never been in Munich or Germany. Haven't had a chance to travel when I was younger. Only did some trips inside of Finland when I was a kid.

There is no concerts or events where we will be going but you never know if something turns up.
As for the trip, plane tickets and hotel are already booked but since I've never been in Germany, I wonder... What kind of places would be good to visit.

Will be staying in Munich for a week 21.07.2015-27.07.2015.