Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last summer in Munich

Year 2015 

I have never been in Germany before but friend and I decided to go there of all places. I'm sure if I had went with another friend there, we would have been so lost at what we needed to do (laughs) It was huge help the friend who I went with was already familiar with the country but not sure if she had been Munich before.

As our flight was early in the morning at 8am in 21st of July 2015, I stayed at friend's place.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm not morning person, with that said it was pain to wake up at 5am for the flight.

As we arrived to Munich it was nice to actually have summer like weather instead of less than 20C and rain and windy days. It was +30C and slightly cloudy.  Dragging our luggages around wasn't helping and as we finally arrived to hotel, we were more than glad to be able take a breath and cool down.  After about a hour or so, we left to city again. Roaming around and shopping and getting something to eat. Restaurant where we ended up was Chinese.  Food was fine but the sauce was way too sweet, couldn't eat it.  I've never spent that much money on a first day in vacation as I did in Munich.

Second day we walked nearby mall, it was around 30mins walk away or so.  It was nice to just roam around Munich and see it more but it wasn't such a good idea to walk because it was still hot day and sun was shining from clear sky.  We ate breakfast there and then took metro to English garden.  At the English garden we also roamed around but decided to go lastly to Chinese tower.  It was great! 
Almost all tables which were located in shadows were taken but we found a table for us as well. Also, lots of people were drinking beer, even when they had kids with them.

Third day the main thing was go to restaurants and window shop and get souvenirs  we promised to bring with us. I had never been before in Hard rock cafe. It was nice experience and food was good, even when it's bit high priced.  I tried alcohol drink called Electric Blues, it was nice but will try something else next time. After that we took our time to roam and we ended up to Starbucks where tried Vanilla Lemon. We stayed there chatting around hour or two or maybe even three.

Fourth and fifth day went by just doing some shopping we wanted to bring to ourselves and searching certain thing for friend parents. I actually almost got to renew my wardrobe. On the last day we almost got lost in the city since we weren't paying attention where we were going as we talked with each other. It was luckily easy enough to get back where we left and knew our way around.

It had been rainy summer in Finland and it was great to get away from it for a short time and relax under the sun. I actually burned my hairline again.  I guess I seriously should start wearing hats in summer...
Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

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