Friday, July 22, 2011

it is sunny

Today went around Shinjuku and Ueno. It was really fun! I finally was able to buy limited edition of one live dvd what had been released long time ago. I miss walking around Shinjuku, it`s fun to go around there and see things and stuff.

We also went to eat at one restaurant ....don`t remember the name of it but the food was bit spicy but okay to eat. I still wonder how japanese people eat so much when I can`t even eat full plate of that much food (・・;)
Went also to Tully`s coffee and I fell in love with it. It is good!! I certainly will visit again. That`s for sure. Another day will be going to Starbucks coffee. It`s good place too.

Final of the today me and friend sat in Ueno park talking and laughing at random stuff we came up with. Suddenly one guy came out of nowhere to talk with us and he was wearing dress and jewelery...make up too, Get the picture? He even showed us the perfumes he bough with 500yen each bottle...and necklace. It was interesting... And I thought he would show some other things...(laughs) oh my overactive mind.

It`s also been windy but not raining last two days which is good. Today sun came out to shine too. I`m happy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last night I spend at bus again. I came back to Tokyo from Osaka. It was fun while it lasted in Osaka but I feel more home like in Tokyo. Soon I`m going to go and get ready for going out with friend.
It`s been raining lots of lately. Hope nothing bad will happen. >< do not want that.

Today I also posted something to my friend...well she had requested me to buy those things for her.I still have one thing I need to send her but will send it to her in home country.Hope you get them soon!
I think I will try to bring everything else back on my own but don`t know yet for sure.Maybe I shouldn`t buy so many things (laughs)

Waai~ I have so many photos I want to share but still need to wait till I get back to my home country and home. Cannot wait to see familiar faces again hehe.Sure I hope I would meet one familiar face again in here but I don`t know if it`s possible this time.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

To do things won`t hurt you much

(laughs) I`m good getting myself hurt. Today I hurt myself even more, broken toe nail and few scratches but no broken bones. Am I good? haha. Wounds won`t slow me down, not at all. Like we say in Finland "Tekevalle sattuu."

Today was nice day too. Went to see more animals and see park. And also bit of the city. Gosh, I love tigers and I want one of my own one day. (laughs) okay not serious but stuffed tiger would be love too.

It`s been surprising cloudly lately in here. I mean just that last time when I was in Japan, there wasn`t often clouds just sun from pure sky. It is anyway really warm.

I was going to take friend`s card to post today but it was wonder because it is sunday after all (laughs)Maybe I should keep more track on days from now on (laughs) And maybe I will send it tomorrow or bit later, we`ll see.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello all kinds of animals

Currently I`m at Osaka now, shinimamiya to be exact. Okay, I`m not fully sure if I wrote the name right but it`s okay right? It has been fun this far and I`m quite sure it will be later days too. We took bus from Tokyo to Osaka and will get back to Tokyo by bus.

We have already done many things in Osaka, even we have been here only two days. Nanba was interesting and world biggest ferris wheel sure was something. Want to go ride that thing again!! Also went to say hello to fishes and some who are not fishes, even marmaid got my greetings (laughs). But yeah it was fun day.
Osaka Castle was amazing and the park area around it. In Toyko I visited with friend in garden too. Such a pretty places and I wish to see some more of those places.

Today I sent to seven people postcards. I hope you guys get them and enjoy them. heh. I`m not sure if I will send anything else till I can get back to Finland but we will see. We have plans. I even have gifts from Japan to some people, so I don`t really need to use monay to others anymore. Maybe I will... we will see.

Even I`m used to see cats on the streets of Japan much but today I saw many, one even had kitten. Fully black kitten. So cute~

Now Good night! Oyasuminasai! Hyvää yöta!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Arrived to Tokyo Japan earlier today and even it is only afternoon now we have been running all around Tokyo. Going to go and eat soon.. Flight went safetly which was nice ;D my ears didnt start to hurt at landing this time at all. Hurray for that.

I am waiting rest of our group to arrive where is my oversea friend. Flight will arrive here later today. They are on their way here!!

I am feeling dizzy at the moment, should drink far more than I do in Finland.

There was this one guy who showed us how to use train/subway tickets machines...I even said I already know how to but he didn`t care! then he asked money..eehhhh...

Well now, off to eat something to balance my body.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready set go

Almost finished with packing things I need for the trip. I hope I haven't forgotten anything, it wouldn't be good if I did.
Even flight will leave on saturday I will move to Helsinki tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be also changing moneys currency, from euros to yens.