Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello all kinds of animals

Currently I`m at Osaka now, shinimamiya to be exact. Okay, I`m not fully sure if I wrote the name right but it`s okay right? It has been fun this far and I`m quite sure it will be later days too. We took bus from Tokyo to Osaka and will get back to Tokyo by bus.

We have already done many things in Osaka, even we have been here only two days. Nanba was interesting and world biggest ferris wheel sure was something. Want to go ride that thing again!! Also went to say hello to fishes and some who are not fishes, even marmaid got my greetings (laughs). But yeah it was fun day.
Osaka Castle was amazing and the park area around it. In Toyko I visited with friend in garden too. Such a pretty places and I wish to see some more of those places.

Today I sent to seven people postcards. I hope you guys get them and enjoy them. heh. I`m not sure if I will send anything else till I can get back to Finland but we will see. We have plans. I even have gifts from Japan to some people, so I don`t really need to use monay to others anymore. Maybe I will... we will see.

Even I`m used to see cats on the streets of Japan much but today I saw many, one even had kitten. Fully black kitten. So cute~

Now Good night! Oyasuminasai! Hyvää yöta!

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