Sunday, July 17, 2011

To do things won`t hurt you much

(laughs) I`m good getting myself hurt. Today I hurt myself even more, broken toe nail and few scratches but no broken bones. Am I good? haha. Wounds won`t slow me down, not at all. Like we say in Finland "Tekevalle sattuu."

Today was nice day too. Went to see more animals and see park. And also bit of the city. Gosh, I love tigers and I want one of my own one day. (laughs) okay not serious but stuffed tiger would be love too.

It`s been surprising cloudly lately in here. I mean just that last time when I was in Japan, there wasn`t often clouds just sun from pure sky. It is anyway really warm.

I was going to take friend`s card to post today but it was wonder because it is sunday after all (laughs)Maybe I should keep more track on days from now on (laughs) And maybe I will send it tomorrow or bit later, we`ll see.

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