Friday, July 22, 2011

it is sunny

Today went around Shinjuku and Ueno. It was really fun! I finally was able to buy limited edition of one live dvd what had been released long time ago. I miss walking around Shinjuku, it`s fun to go around there and see things and stuff.

We also went to eat at one restaurant ....don`t remember the name of it but the food was bit spicy but okay to eat. I still wonder how japanese people eat so much when I can`t even eat full plate of that much food (・・;)
Went also to Tully`s coffee and I fell in love with it. It is good!! I certainly will visit again. That`s for sure. Another day will be going to Starbucks coffee. It`s good place too.

Final of the today me and friend sat in Ueno park talking and laughing at random stuff we came up with. Suddenly one guy came out of nowhere to talk with us and he was wearing dress and jewelery...make up too, Get the picture? He even showed us the perfumes he bough with 500yen each bottle...and necklace. It was interesting... And I thought he would show some other things...(laughs) oh my overactive mind.

It`s also been windy but not raining last two days which is good. Today sun came out to shine too. I`m happy.

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