Monday, April 15, 2013

Plane to November

Went to do some shopping on sunday and few stuff came with me, such as friend's birthday gift.. I'm early this year! Here is 3 pictures I found and couldn't leave them there; London, Paris, New York.

Last friday we also bought flight tickets back to Tokyo, Japan. We will stay there whole november and bit of  december too. It will be fun. Will tell you more later when travel time is closer...

Friends and I got tickets to the GazettE live concert tickets to World tour 13 final live in Helsinki, Finland. I'm sure it will be fun to see them again. I hope people in there will know how to act and no one would push and shove others but I guess it is just my dreaming because I won't believe it will happen.

Now it is time for bed.
おやすみなさい〜 Good Night~