Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back in Japan; March 2014 part 3

I have pretty much only talked about lives in March entries but now is coming something else.

We walked by this very random statue of Goku from Dragon Ball and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Very amusing statue to tell the truth. There are far better photos in the internet of this. I personally don't have better ones because we were walking other side of the road in late eve. 

Here are some of the foods we ate. Of course not all and not that interested of taking food photos. 

Don't remember the name of those brown balls but it was good. Really good. Next to it is JPN style vanilla ice cream or was it milk ice cream, either way it does taste different from the vanilla/milk ice cream I'm use to having in home country. Still good though. And top the dessert with chocolate sauce.

New love, sea grapes. It's sad I can't get them in least haven't found or heard of such a place.

Hot sakura chocolate latte.  
Hägen-Daz sakura ice cream which was way too sweet.

Yet another sakura ice cream but this one was good. 

Limited time drink at Japanese McDonald's. Sakura Cherry Float.
 You could choose whether you take ice cream on the top or not. Without it was bit cheaper but since I was on holiday and drank it once, I took the ice cream. Yet, again it was good. 

As friend was in other city for a day, I met with another one in Shibuya, Tokyo. We roamed around talking a LOT since we don't really meet that often but it's always fun. Definitely should spend more time together.
I also  got asked to go birthday party in one club (which name I don't remember) where one PV(Music video) had been filmed. Sure, there are most likely other music videos from the same club. I would have liked to go but there was something what didn't let me go to that party. No, it wasn't anything to do with my personal feelings cause if I could have went, I would have. 
Even, I couldn't go I had lovely time and bit later went to hotel to wait friend come back from Osaka.

Even cherry blossom season is really popular in Japan, it's really like any other seasonal holidays. Such as Christmas and Easter. You literally could buy fake sakura branches, decoration shaped like sakura, sakura drinks and food and so on. I'll admit I would love to go again and see cherry trees blooming, even though it does feel bit commercial.

 Plum tree blooming days before sakura did. 

 Friend and I were walking around in Asakusa and watching sakura trees blooming while taking photos of them at times. We hadn't gotten far as suddenly noticed video camera shoved to our faces. The camera was one of those big ones you see used in professional broadcasting's. The guy said sorry for doing it without really asking from us, if it was even okay with us. We just smiled and shrugged it off.  So, once again it seems I ended up to be most likely in one of Japanese tv programs. Yay....
After that we went to Sensoji temple, place we have spent time in every trip. Calming place, even when there is lots of people.
Soon we moved to check how Ueno's park sakura had gotten along and sure it was blooming but there were lots of people and some of them sitting around under the sakura trees. You had to be extra careful while walking in there because someone could suddenly stop and start taking photos of sakura trees. Yes,  you could count me to be one of those people. As we walked in there, there were again video cameras. It seemed this time like some news broadcasting. Ended up walking quickly past by those.
We were planning to go last day to see sakura again but it was raining down almost whole day, so we canceled idea and spend it around the hotel and then we were off to see second last show from the GazettE's tour in Studio Coast. I tell you this, it was really fun to walk with luggages next day to airport as every muscle hurt and sleep was minimum; around 3 hours or so.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back in Japan; March 2014 part 2

There were few other lives where friend and I also went. the GazettE lives I went to Zepp Tokyo, Club Citta and both days in Studio Coast. Sadly couldn't go to final live of the tour because we had bought plane tickets far earlier before tour schedule was released. Either way had fun in every live I attended. Thank you bands and people.

I also attended to my very first live of the KPOP band. MBLAQ.  It wasn't exactly live but they did sang few songs and you could go and get their autographs if you wanted but you had to buy one of their Japanese release what was sold at the event. We didn't buy any of those releases, so no autographs for us but we were fine with the idea because we just wanted to see and hear them live. It also happened to be celebrate for Mir's birthday, the whole tour. We went to Namba Hatch day and Zepp Tokyo day part of it. There were two shows in one day. 14 and 18 if I remember right.
At the events they did read fan letters people had wrote to them and talked about it shortly and then they started to talk about random stuff. I don't remember much about those events anymore but we got good laughs and saw Mir do hands stand and them squeezing each other. (laughs) Whole events were just so much fun! But what's certain is that I would like to attend their live someday.
There is small amount of Korean artists/boy bands/bands I actually want to see. If you guys know any good Korean performer(s), feel free to introduce them to me.

Just quick mention for Shibuya AX. It's sad to see great live place be gone. Certainly going to miss it. Attended; 
- D tour final 29 December 2011
- Penicillin Hakuei's birthday 16 December 2012
- Plastic tree 18 March 2014

First time ever I went to Sendai. It was interesting place for sure but didn't feel like a place I would want to go back soon. Maybe it was because it was colder than in Tokyo of that time of the year  or maybe the fact it reminded me too much of cold Finland we had left behind. Either way, I might one day go back to there because it's easy to go back to Tokyo from there in late night. 
Visited Disney store in Sendai which ended up being much different from Tokyo's own but definitely not in bad way. Cute store! Other than that there wasn't really any other store we ended up visiting.

I would love to go Miyajima all over again. Even it is really small place and island near Hiroshima. It still is one of my favorite place to visit out of all places I've been. 
One of those deers came to us and first tried to eat friend's bag and right after that mine. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back in Japan; March 2014

It's been forever since wrote anything in here. Last trip to Japan has already been done since March and trip to Helsinki to see girugamesh and meet friends which was last month. After that it has been mostly only work and work and so little free time.
Either way, here is something from the trip to Japan in March 2014.

Flew on 8th of March. Luckily this time our flight was in time and there was no problems with the plane. Because there is always some sort of bad luck in every trip. Bad luck always changing from the small things to big things. Like many of you readers know, last time (in November) it was with the plane.

First full day in Tokyo was mostly spend around the hotel where we stayed at. It was in Asakusa. Pretty ok hotel to be exact. There was nothing special about first day, never really had been (laughs) Once we went to live on very first day and most likely won't do it again. Damn you jet lag.

There were two meanings with this trip; one of them being seeing sakura and other being able to attend the birthday live of the GazettE.
the GazettE live was held in Zepp Tokyo, place I have never ever been before but liked it. One thing I was quite nervous of was the fact live being all standing, even tough, I have only had pleasant experiences with Japanese crowd in all standing lives. Most of the times foreigners being the jerks of the lives.

We brought small gift for the band as it was their birthday, we included moomin card where was written every persons name I knew who enjoyed band's music, even a little from my country, since it was fully of things from Finland. Sorry for not telling your name was in the card but you are welcome! (laughs)

Friend and I got great places from group A, there were all together 3 groups A, B and C.  As soon as we got inside we went to choose our places which in the end were great choice. Our place was around 10th row, I guess but it constantly changed during the live.
I've never seen such a craziness in the GazettE lives. almost everybody colliding with each other and accidentally hitting each other while headbanging.  As the live went on crowd got even crazier, people jumping top of each other and crowd surfing to front and then doing it all over again as they got behind the crowd again. I even lost my friend during the live few times and few times we accidentally found each other again (laughs)
The best idea how people acted might be if you check really old the GazettE lives and add even more craziness in it. The whole crowd was respectful towards the band and towards other fans. Let me add this fact in here too, I have never seen as many people to faint as I saw in these the GazettE FC lives, even though there were no pressure in most places.

As the band came to the stage and played first songs, their nervousness was easily seen but as they did their first mistakes and crowd taking it easy on them by not really caring about it and instead of having great time in the live broke 5 men on the stage to smiles.

It had been long time dream for me to attend one of their fan club only lives as those lives get lots of praising. And to top it of it was their birthday live. Live wasn't disappointing at all! This far the best live I have attended.


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