Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter time part 1

I arrived to Nagoya on 18th of December and had to wait in the airport around hour or so for a friend to arrive from Korea. While waiting police or security person from the airport came to ask questions why I was there and if I could speak Japanese and where I was heading, he even asked where I worked. I understand why but I kind of felt funny to get spotted by security person for no real reason.

After friend had arrived we headed towards to bus stop where we entered to bus which was headed to Osaka where we would stay a week. It would be longest time I would stay in Osaka. Mostly I would stay for a day or two. Once almost a week or so.

19th and 20th of December went by with the GazettE's lives in Orix Theater.  I remember weather being nice enough but there were cold wind. As for the lives I had lots of fun in them. Ruki saying he looked like samurai which was true. He even acted so that he had imaginary samurai sword. He did the 'bang' shooting thing towards audience and also each of the band members. 19th day Kai made a mistake during a beginning of the song which led it to be stopped before starting again. 20th day it was Aoi's turn to made a mistake which also led to stopping there and starting all over again. (laughs)
Even the seats weren't that great in Osaka, I don't care. Both lives were definitely fun and I will have great memories from them.

Also went to see exhibition of the GazettE's members guitars and bass. It was cool to see the instruments up close. To a friend, I'm sorry for dragging you there XD

There was third and fourth the GazettE live during the trip. Both of those were bit outside of Osaka in Wakayama and Kobe.
Wakayama was quite small place When Kobe was huge and had few different floors.During Wakayama live Ruki came to stare at me quite often and even smiled at me.
In Kobe they did second encore and Ruki had santa jacket on him. It was cute! He offered it to Uruha who instantly declined. It would have been too much fun to see Uruha wearing it (laughs) Even staff had santa hats or reindeer ears. I'm glad I got friend to come one of these lives because it is quite different from how they do it in overseas.

After friend had came back from her trip to see Lynch.(..It was in Okinawa...right?) we went to spent the event somewhere and ended up going to to ferris wheel Hep-five. Funny thing about this is that it is placed top of a building.

We spent kind of typical Japanese Christmas. We got a cake slices for both of us and since we needing something to warm us a bit up tea from Starbucks..

Talking about Starbucks, it reminded me of one time we sat outside of Starbuck in Osaka drinking some cold drink. At least I did (laughs) There sat also two Japanese males close to us. They started talking that how can we drink something cold and doesn't we freeze because of it. We just had so much fun acting as we don't understand and try to listen what they were talking about if it was about us and chat about our own stuff in between.

I don't remember what day I went to shopping but I forgot my necklaces at home I was angry at myself for forgetting them. I bought couple necklace and now I love the other one. It's typical ring in a chain but with a twist.

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

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