Sunday, November 9, 2014

Changes in weather.

Around end of July till mid August there were typhoon warning going around but it wasn't in area where I was. Luckily. It was typhoon Halong.
It wasn't first time for me to experience typhoon. Areas where I was had only lots of rain coming down and wind since it was further away from the area where it would hit.
Worst wheather what I got from typhoon Halong was when I traveled to Hamamatsu one day. They had promised pouring rain but in the end it didn't rain almost at all but it sure was windy. In the evening around 10PM I left Hamamatsu and it sitll didn't rain much but after getting back to Tokyo I saw next morning photo which was taken from a car. Rain was pouring big time down somewhere between Hamamatsu and Tokyo. I'm happy I could survive in one piece from that. It could have been  a lot worse.

In Finland we don't have typhoons or earthquakes. So, all those were new to me back in a day when I first time came to Japan. We just have 4 different seasons... and I hate the longest one.

First time experiencing typhoon was back in a July 2011. At the time it was much closer to Tokyo and could feel the wind blowing from right and left and forward and also from behind. It was really hard at times to keep umbrella straight.
Bad weather in that trip started when road was taking me and friends to Osaka. It did rain almost constantly as we stayed in Osaka for a week.
Also, in July I experienced first earthquake. It was the very last night before we would leave Tokyo behind and go back to Finland.  I woke up as the house was shaking, the first thing I thought were 'Who is shaking the bed???' and 'Why are walls moving??' it took me awhile because of my slumber to realize it was earthquake. We laughed about it in the morning

In March 2011 there were big tsunami as most of you know (Tohoku earthquake) which made me nervous and anxious if it even was possible to go to Japan in summer but I did get to go and so I did later in 2011.

I went back to Japan December and stayed till next year. Nothing too interesting happened but as I was leaving Harajuku, I was surprised that other side of the station's platforms were closed...Yes, the side which I should had been going. I had to made my way to other train and go longer way back to hotel where I was staying with friends. I don't remember how many magnitudes there were but it wasn't small. What is surprising in this, is that I never felt it and, because of that I was surprised to see what happened in Harajuku's train station.

November-December 2012 I was staying month in Kunitachi. Yeah, it was further away from Tokyo, Japanese person would say it is country side. (took 30min to Shinjuku and to Tokyo 45min by train) Don't remember exact date but it was around 5AM to 5:30AM as I felt eartquake which wasn't small. It woke me up and since it was quite big and seemed to last long time...well, at least for me who isn't used to such a things.  One of my thoughts were something along like 'Is it tsunami all over again?!'
After it ended, I fell quite quick asleep again but woke about 30-40 minutes later as earth shook again. This ended up getting me even more nervous but since it was far smaller, I hoped it would end up being after shocks of the Tohoku earthquake which the news were talking about that those would happen for a long time till after the Tohoku earthquake.
Later as friend and I woke up, we looked in the news and saw that there had been 1 meter high tsunami in somewhere above Tokyo but more closer to Sendai prefecture.

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