Monday, October 13, 2014

Back in Tokyo

After leaving Nagoya and arriving to Tokyo (29 July), first thing we did was head to hotel where we were staying. It was much better than Nagoya's own but to our surprise the room we stayed in was quite small. We even thought that maybe we should change the place to somewhere else but first we gave a try for this place. In the end we stayed there whole time. And, yes I know Japanese houses are usually smaller than western style houses/rooms. Room was in top floor and of course there were no elevator...I hate to drag luggages in narrow stairs!

Even the numerous times I have been in Japan, this was first time I saw rockabillys. It was interesting to say at least. I was surprised by the fact that there was one younger kid among them. He wasn't left in shadows of older rockabillys.
As well went to imperial palace in Tokyo for the first time. It was pretty but burning hot day wasn't such a nice when walking in area covered with small rocks and one line of asphalt without trees to give any kind of shadow.

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Soon was about to be second live of the GazettE 31 July at Tsutaya O-EAST and third the GazettE live was tour final 4 August at Studio Coast.
Both lives were great and won't regret going in them.
Only thing I wonder a bit is the fact that in March tour final there were video cameras and once again in this tour final there were cameras too. Will they release something after last and third HERESY only tour will end? or will it those videos be for their own personal use...?

Tsutaya O-EAST. Photo taken by the GazettE staff.

Studio Coast. Photo taken by the GazettE staff.

In the tour final live there were on display the GazettE's newest collaboration with Walkman products. 

Couple days before the HERESY tour was coming to end there was announcement but this time it only included vocalist, Ruki from the band. He was releasing brand named [VITAL MATERIAL] and there were going to be exhibition for the stuff on 9 and 10 of August. 
Exhibition got my attention soon as I saw it because it had been too long since I've done anything like this and being a the GazettE fan I wanted to go. 
The area where exhibition was held was small but they let in only small number of people stay in the area. As soon as some left, new people were let in...and so on. Because of that it easy to explore what kind of stuff there was. There were all the cosmetic stuff on show, all the bottles and such. Front of those bottles were smaller glass bottles which held inside cotton ball with the scent of the products. Going around and smelling out every cotton ball there was, I only came to one conclusion which was that I would love to buy all of those, even they were quite expensive. 
[Official site:] 
More photos of the show in my instagram account.

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