Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nagoya road trip

It hadn't been long time since last trip to Japan and once again I set foot on the plane which took me to Japan, but this time didn't flew to Tokyo. Instead flew to Nagoya where was planned to stay few nights.
Friend and I arrived to Nagoya on 26th of July, and we took a risk by choosing not so good hostel to stay at. It turned out to be pretty nice with few minuses. Air condition didn't work properly but we had two fans also which made it rather ok.
On the day we set foot in Japan was really hot day, really humid and hot, close to 38C or maybe even slightly above it. Too hot even for Japanese people. Such a nice way to start vacation, right? (laughs) Had to took shower at least couple times on that day.

Still remember how feet were burning through the shoes while waiting traffic lights to turn green. And got my only sunburn on the way to hostel. It is and still is slightly seen as a tanned skin close to my shoulder.

Next day was pretty much roaming around the city and seeing Nagoya better. Surely been in Nagoya before but this time we actually stayed there longer than a daytime. We were already outside of the hostel at 8AM. Still to this day I can't understand how we did it because second day is always hardest to get up and get going. Jet lag but this time there was none.
Even when we had left outside early, we came back to hostel around 6 to 8PM
Originally second day plans were different but we talked about it and agreed it was better if we changed them and not go to Osaka or Kyoto yet.

Third day was something I was waiting for, it was once again time for the GazettE live but this time they would play songs from albums Stacked Rubbish and DIM. Goods selling was actually held inside of the live arena which was great decision in that weather. Also, it was good that other days weren't as hot as first one was. Usually weather would reach 33C on days and on nights 26/27C

Actually taken in Tokyo but same photo nonetheless. 

Caught Kai's drumstick. I'm happy~!

Photo taken by the GazettE staff.


01 Hakuri ( 剥離 )
02 The invisible wall
03 Leech
04 Cockroach 
05 Mob 136 Bars
06 Before I decay
07 Ganges ni akai bara ( ガンジスに紅い薔薇 )
08 Shiroki yuutsu( 白き憂鬱 )
09 Nakigahara ( 泣ヶ原 )
10 Dim scene
11 13 Stairs[-]1
12 A Moth Under the Skin
13 In The Middle Of Chaos
14 Headache man
16 Linda ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~
17 Kantou dogeza kumiai ( 関東土下座組合 )

E01 Ride with the rockers
E02 Ruder
E03 Discharge

Day after the the GazettE live we traveled to Tokyo where we would stay till we would leave Japan behind. For some odd reason it seems almost every time next morning after the GazettE live I've to travel somewhere, either it's inside in Japan or to airport.

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