Monday, November 24, 2014

Happiest horror day

Something what I have been planning and wanting to go and do for a long time happened in last trip. Fuji-Q Highland. The Road there was quite a long and part of the road felt like it was middle of nowhere. But like the name already says Fuji, the amusement park is really close to mountain Fuji.

It was past 12 o'clock as we arrived. And, cause of that we were in a bit of hurry. While buying the entrance ticket, there were so called time table in visible of how long lines were. Quickly pondering the things we wanted to try out. 1st thing was must Haunted Hospital.

Just by looking from outside, the building was really well made. It really looked like it had been there for years empty. The reason besides it was must go was the fact that line was ridiculous long.... We had to wait 3 hours to get in!!! It even started to rain pouring down for a most part of the lining time, lucky us knew that rain might happen so, we had umbrellas with us..but think of big  amount of other people having umbrellas with them.... it was hard to keep yourself from getting wet.
As we finally could enter we had soaking wet shoes but for some reason it didn't bother us at all. I was far too anxious to get in the house.
10 different sizes groups were taken in at the same time but if you were alone, you couldn't enter or if your group were bigger than size 6, one of your group members had to be left behind.
There were introduction of rules inside before getting the scary part, and yes they had it even in English...but yeah it was piece of laminated paper.
I'm not going to tell much about the place in case someone is planning to go there, etc.
There were narrow corridors and corners and empty rooms, which were part of covered with curtains. There even were holes in a walls where someone could come and grab your leg... I have never ever laughed like a nutcase and screamed at the same time. It felt like I was going to have a heart attack middle of it. (NOTICE: It is allowed to quit middle of the way if it gets too much for someone)  I wanted to go whole way, even it felt it was going to be too much. It also felt like I was part of horror movie which I knew was fake.
 There were couple other groups we alternate who went first. Group of two younger girls and bigger group of foreigners (6 or 5 persons) and total 3 groups. We ended up finishing the Haunted Hospital together.

Kuva, jonka Urtsi (@urtsihell) julkaisi

Next was Fujiyama Roller Coaster.  It was already late evening when managed to get in line for this but this time line was much more shorter.  And as the time went on while waiting it started to get foggy. The fog had this burned scent in it, most likely it came from the mountain Fuji. I guess.
Fujiyama had been the world fastest roller coaster back in a day. There were this World Record plate placed on the wall.
As the line got shorter, thought started to ran through my head. 'Was this such a good idea..?' It was really foggy and you couldn't see where you were going.
As we were waiting it get higher and visibly was not such a good idea, top height was 79M from the ground till it started to drop down with a really fast speed. Never ever have my mouth been dry after screaming... but I was and still am really happy that I went both of these places. Maybe I will go once again there but to different ones. Only time will tell.

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