Tuesday, December 17, 2013


EAT YOU ALIVE at Gloria, Helsinki, Finland

Went to Helsinki once again to meet friends and see one band live. It was good day since it was sunday and free day for me and what's better way to spend it than that.  Arrived around 2pm to Helsinki and we went to eat and do some shopping, even though I didn't bought anything in the end. 

As for the live itself it was great and got better by every passing minute. Before we could even get in, I didn't really felt going to the live but now I'm happy I still went there. It was worth it. Their music was much rougher than I thought it would be. And guys seemed to enjoy of the live as well. 

Vocalist took couple short videos of the live, funny. 


Only one of the guys knew how to speak English but others had studied English a little. I don't really remember well what they said but Kenji wanted people call him Kenzo for some reason, if I remember right. Shoya just introduced himself and gave mic to drummer, Makoto who said it was cold in Finland....at least two or three of them said something like this "It's cold outside but very very very very hot people here." etc. It rather amused me. Vocalist, Hiro just asked where is the Helsinki train station....it was very weird response because everyone went pretty much silent for a moment (laughs) Stupid things they say (laughs)

We also had middle of the live this thing where they asked us to form one big circle and then everyone had to run in certain direction. Got to hand it to Finnish audience for doing this and losing their original places in the live. Sure there are complains about it but I felt it was fun and how the band tried few times to teach us furi moves. At least end part of the live.


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