Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Never stay put

Trip to Japan went well and I had lots of fun. There were few down sides on the trip but nothing were too big to ruin it. First one was on very first day when our plane had to change engine...and second engine had some mysterious problem which they tried to fix for hours. Of course we got free food tickets we could use in a airport and after fully canceling flight we got free hotel and in morning there were food and they arranged new flight(s) for us. There were around 200 people in the cancelled flight and maybe around 10 of the original flight flew same route as me. Funny thing happened when we flew back to Finland....One of the persons from that flight was same person as the one who flew in a same route as me to Japan.

In the live side we went to 6 the GazettE lives, 2 D lives and 1 event where Carat was performing. Originally we didn't had tickets for Carat's Nagoya live event, but two Japanese girls sold tickets for us which ended up being way better places than we would have gotten from the door, A50.  I'm sure I would have gotten nice place even without getting better ticket but I ain't complaining.

I actually destroyed my left leg so much that I used on the nights support bandage for two or three nights. I was limping back to train station in Nagoya because it hurt to put normal weight on it.  Either way leg is almost fine now.

With following the Gazette's tour there were new places I had never been before, Nagano and Kanazawa. I would like to visit Nagano again and explore it more but Kanazawa was not really for tourists...but either way it was nice looking place but I might not go there again.
Here is scenery from Nagano.

Also met many nice people around Japan. Got even free ride from Ryokan's keeperes husband back to train station and home made breakfast before leaving back to train which took us back to Tokyo. There was one male who wished he was Finnish too..haha. I'm not sure if our taxi driver in Nagano was high on something or was just really cheerful person. He tried to tell us how hard studying English is and that he had to check words from dictionary often when studying..etc. He also said he wanted to live in Tokyo...but this taxi driver was laughing all the way to the train station, even when we were silent he continued laughing and making book with his hands and saying hard..etc.
In Tokyo's hotel for once the other customers of the hotel were nice and they came to talk with us. I'm rather used to other hotel customers to maybe say one or couple words if they need to say something or ask but this time it was different. We never stayed too long at the hotel because we pretty much only slept and took showers in there. 

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