Monday, October 21, 2013

the GazettE at The Circus, Helsinki, Finland

the GazettE in Helsinki 29.9.2013
~World Tour 13 Final~

Went to see the GazettE in their World Tour 13 final live at The Circus in Helsinki. Arrived to Helsinki around 2pm and instantly met with couple of friends and later more.  We went to eat and arrived around hour or so before doors were supposed to open for VIP and GFC people.

Live itself was awesome and had lots of fun with friends. Even when most of us were spread all around queue, some in regular queue, some in VIP queue and some in GFC queue, we all get together inside of the live house. We all were front of mixing table where we saw really nicely to the stage.

(not my photo; taken by friend) 

Ruki. vocal, always makes crowd shout and what I'm used to seeing and hearing is after crowd has shouted, Ruki will sort of scold people and tell that they could do better but this time it amused me seeing surprised expression on his face far before he said "Wow!" meaning we were even louder than he thought we would be. Go Finland!!
Ruki spoke also few words in Finnish; "Onko kivaa?" (Are you having fun?) and "Kiitos"(Thank you) Those words were very well said in Finnish, almost like he was Finnish himself (laughs)
Uruha and Aoi played their back to back as usual  and Reita did his spin and Ruki his seducing and hump moves. 

The whole live got the feeling like it was actually final live we have seen the GazettE make in Japan but the sad thing in this whole live was the fact that there was no Ride with the Rockers part and live didn't lasted as long as not so good live from them in Japan.
Overall the day was full of fun and great experiences. Thank you all! I wonder when I can meet you next time. In December for some of you but yeah... 

1. [XI]
2. Vortex
3.  Leech
4.  Before I Decay
5. Gabriel on the Gallows
6. Venomous Spider's Web
7.  The Suicide Circus
8.  Dripping Insanity
9. Untitled
10.  Derangement
11. Headache Man
12. Sludgy Cult
13. Cockroach
14. Filth in the Beauty

15. Shiver
16. Ruder
17. LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

Short clip of the GazettE in Finland

"Thank you! In Finland! The Best!"

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