Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking back: Experiences #5

I really like shopping in Japan, especially clothes. There is so much different style of clothes where you can choose your own. It's sad that people assume Japanese people to be really thin (size 0) when it isn't true.  I admit the fact; Japan is one of the thinnest countries but there are fat people just like in any other country. 
There are lots of clothing labeled as 'one size' which is often smallest size. XS, S and at times M in Finnish sizes.  Also, in Japan you can't really try clothes on without asking from sellers if it's ok first.  It does suck tell the truth because there are times you aren't sure if something fits for you. 

Here are some what I have bought over the years.

Two loose boleros.

Well, this has funnier story behind it. It was just meant to keep me warm in Japan because we didn't had working air-condition in every room in winter time.  Still use it at some rare times when I take garbage out or just want to warm up.

One of these was gift from friend and there is missing fully black top. It's great detail when top shows partly under top shirt.

Also bought plain grey shirt and this. I found it fitting as the person I'm and what I love. Well, screamo isn't my type of music...
"Live your dream, don't dream your life. Act according to your belief.  I fighting in order to live freely."

These two are my loves. Both thicker, other is knit garment. For long time I avoided striped clothing because it wasn't fitting for me but I found this one fitting which opened whole new side of clothing for me.

About this, I'm planning to sell it away. I had plans where I was going to use it but never actually have... but got great under shirt with it which I love to use. 

Loose bat sleeved shirt. It's amazing hot summer days or when I feel lazy enough to figure out something more proper to wear. 

Yet another two knits. Left one does have loose neckline which means I can easily place it over shoulder or both or keep as regular way.

This was one my random things I bought.  I don't remember exact price but it was cheap enough to buy as a  impulse buy. 

Other side of the shirt says "Seek after the truth, try again, true and life, ready or not." Gotta love engrish at times (laughs)

As you may notice these two came from same shop. Don't use them that much but still like them. 

Newest jacket I bought. It was around 8000~9000yen. I love this because there is many ways you can wear it; with or without fur or/and belt. It reaches half thigh. 

Cardigan which also does have removable fur. 

And last but not least shoes. I haven't bought much shoes yet from Japan because females in Japan have smaller feet. But yeah, if you know how to look and where you will find pair of fitting shoes.
Oh, right, forgot totally, there were one pair of beige uggs I bought couple years back but threw them away in 2012 in Japan.

I don't have any certain part of the city where I buy clothes but yeah, whenever I manage to find something nice to wear. Above clothing I have bought from Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Nakano. There might be one from Ikebukuro.
For some reason most of clothing here are darker colours but yeah I do wear other colours as well. (such a random notice...) Lately my obsession is white and black together.

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