Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking back: Experience #1

It's has been long time without any entry. I thought I could write some experiences I have had while travelling outside of Finland.

One of the weirdest ones was when friend were sitting in a Ueno park. At the time we were there, there was lots of people going by and sitting. It was close to 10PM-11PM when one guy came to us. Yes, I have written about this earlier but here I go again. This guy was wearing dress and his hair was done prettily. Transvestite. He asked if we had boyfriends and did we had them with us. He even had to show something from his bag which I was at first quite sure would be something perv but instead it was perfume and necklace. He had to try it on us but I was lucky enough to talk myself out of it, so he only sprayed it on my friend. He was proudly telling where he found that cheap perfume and other girly stuff. Perfume cost only 500yen....and smell sure wasn't good.

One of the funniest what happened in Asakusa's Sensoji temple. It was closer to end of the trip for friend and I. We had decided to use non make up on that day while roaming around Asakusa and Sensoji temple and since it was July at the time it was hot summer day. We met this female mother who was with her young son. The boy was maybe around his 3 to 4 years old. We talked for awhile. Mostly it was her questions and comments how pretty we looked. Suddenly she asked if it was ok to take photo of us and her son also joined in the photo. It was fun.

Food in Japan is mainly healthier than in Finland.
Here is something I have been enjoying more or less in Japan.

Way too sugary. Couldn't even drink half of it.

 Even this sushi plate is better than the one we have here in Finland. I have started to appreciate far more Japanese and Asian food. 

 Our New Year's food...well, at least part of it. (laughs) That champagne (?) was really bad tasting. I will never again drink it!

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