Sunday, June 2, 2013

P!nk Hartwall Arena

P!nk live at Finland 28.05.2013

It was amazing live and funny and unexpected things happened here and there. She has never been disappointing at any point of the lives where I have attended...which had been all of her live inside of Finland. Before coming to Hartwall Arena friend and I went to eat and it was delicious! Fried chicken with fries.

Here is something what happened before P!nk came to stage and it was also after warm up band Redrama. Personally I don't like Redrama's music but it seemed to get part of the people going on.
There is lots of more recordings in youtube about the live. They are good memories and fun to go back and experience those feelings again you had on that day.

It is always great to see celebrities interacting with their fans, even middle of the lives. P!nk just might end up chatting for awhile with someone middle of the live and whole audience goes silent for that moment. Respectful.
Grown tired of those lives where everyone screams and shouts when the artist tries to say something and because of that you can't hear anything.

Something she wrote about Finland's live "Finland, you guys rocked!"

01. Raise Your Glass
02. Walk of Shame
03. Just Like a Pill
04. U + Ur Hand
05. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
06. Try
07. Wicked Game
08. Just Give Me a Reason
09. Trouble
10. Are We All We Are
11. How Come You're Not Here
12. Sober 13. The Great Escape
14. Who Knew
15. Fuckin' Perfect
16. Most Girls" / "There You Go" / "You Make Me Sick
17. Slut Like You
18. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
19. So What


  1. I love Fuckin Perfect song, somehow that song gives you confidence XD
    Awesome concert!

    1. She said people haven't been liking it so much because it's mama's song XD but then she said that moms are cool too which I totally agree.