Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sukekiyo in Finland

It was full surprise to hear Sukekiyo coming to Europe. Band haven't been existing long but surely being Dir en Grey's Kyo's solo project, band would get attention. 
As for me, I never have been fan of Dir en Grey, even though I do listen them at rare times and seen them few times live.

The day was surprising warm to be September. Since, I had VIP ticket to the show, I had to arrive earlier. There were around 10 VIPs and it seemed not many had heard about the VIP tickets. I can't complain because most of us talked with each other, even when most of us didn't knew each other.

We got in hour or so before regulars. VIPs bought whatever they wanted and left jackets and bags to cloakroom.  Also, we got VIP passes, randomly chosen polaroid and cd with autographs. Polaroids were taken by Kyo... and well, you can see he did used his free will to take random photos.
While waiting permission to go upstairs, where the stage area was staff lady talked with us, mostly only questions. She did ask who were Dir en Grey fan and who was fan of Kyo. I laughed finding it little to notice that I seemed to be only fan of long time disbanded band Rentrer en Soi. As I stated that to friend who was with me, merchandise table lady gave me surprised gaze.

In the stage area, we didn't had to wait long till band members started to come to the stage. They played 2 or 3 songs while just chilling on the stage  in their own clothes and checking if their equipments were working right. Many of us had been talking whether Kyo would show up at all or not, because when Dir en grey had been doing VIP thing, such as taking photos with fans; Kyo had been missing whole time. At first it was only members who played their instrument but eventually to our surprise Kyo walked on stage wearing green sweater. 
Before they walked away, Kyo took good look at us and sort of greeted us. I don't remember if he said something like "oi" "hi" etc... or was it just greeting with movement of his head. Kind of like single nod. Please tell me if you know proper name for it. We greeted back..partially, cause it was also amusing us. Such a special treat from Kyo.

One thing I was truly surprised was the fact that people in crowd weren't pushing at all. It was easy to enjoy whole live from the first row.  I hope this kind of act would continue but I have doubts... 

Through the live there, weren't any speaks, that I can remember at least. Last thing Kyo said before live came to end was good night in Japanese. "oyasuminasai."
I did enjoy the live, I could even say it was better than those Dir en Grey lives I have went to but then again both of these are different kind of music. And, I'm not fan of the other one.

Set list:
elisabeth addict
nine melted fiction
the daemon's cutlery
ameagari no yuushi
hidden one
scars like velvet
uyuu no sora
304 goushitsu, shita to yoru
in all weathers

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