Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back in Japan; March 2014 part 2

There were few other lives where friend and I also went. the GazettE lives I went to Zepp Tokyo, Club Citta and both days in Studio Coast. Sadly couldn't go to final live of the tour because we had bought plane tickets far earlier before tour schedule was released. Either way had fun in every live I attended. Thank you bands and people.

I also attended to my very first live of the KPOP band. MBLAQ.  It wasn't exactly live but they did sang few songs and you could go and get their autographs if you wanted but you had to buy one of their Japanese release what was sold at the event. We didn't buy any of those releases, so no autographs for us but we were fine with the idea because we just wanted to see and hear them live. It also happened to be celebrate for Mir's birthday, the whole tour. We went to Namba Hatch day and Zepp Tokyo day part of it. There were two shows in one day. 14 and 18 if I remember right.
At the events they did read fan letters people had wrote to them and talked about it shortly and then they started to talk about random stuff. I don't remember much about those events anymore but we got good laughs and saw Mir do hands stand and them squeezing each other. (laughs) Whole events were just so much fun! But what's certain is that I would like to attend their live someday.
There is small amount of Korean artists/boy bands/bands I actually want to see. If you guys know any good Korean performer(s), feel free to introduce them to me.

Just quick mention for Shibuya AX. It's sad to see great live place be gone. Certainly going to miss it. Attended; 
- D tour final 29 December 2011
- Penicillin Hakuei's birthday 16 December 2012
- Plastic tree 18 March 2014

First time ever I went to Sendai. It was interesting place for sure but didn't feel like a place I would want to go back soon. Maybe it was because it was colder than in Tokyo of that time of the year  or maybe the fact it reminded me too much of cold Finland we had left behind. Either way, I might one day go back to there because it's easy to go back to Tokyo from there in late night. 
Visited Disney store in Sendai which ended up being much different from Tokyo's own but definitely not in bad way. Cute store! Other than that there wasn't really any other store we ended up visiting.

I would love to go Miyajima all over again. Even it is really small place and island near Hiroshima. It still is one of my favorite place to visit out of all places I've been. 
One of those deers came to us and first tried to eat friend's bag and right after that mine. 

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